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Total Stations?

Does anyone have an opinion, or opinions, about reflectorless total stations?

Which is the most user friendly?
Which is best in all sorts of weather?

I simultaneously love and hate shopping for new things.

Background-I have a Topcon 225.  I need a reflectorless TS to repeatedly shoot a crane (eq mounted GPS is out as it is a rental machine, robotic is out due to price).  Mounting prisms to machine is possible, but visibility is poor due to continuous movement/prisms being out of sight/blocked. 

I need to line the equipment up over 400+/- points in the field.  I will also need a data collector with idiot proof software so I can input data beforehand.  I didn't have this with my Topcon, as everything had to be manually inputted into the TS itself.

I will have my Topcon with me, as a backup, so if the data collector was compatible, that would be awesome.

My budget is $7000 or less.

Can anyone help?
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