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Engineers/Scientists @ Work on TV

I'm pretty sure the first "hard-core scientific" TV show I watched as a kid was Star Trek: The Next Generation (although I admit Bill Nye the Science Guy, 321 Contact, and Quincy made some appearances, too). Most of the science on TNG was on the abstract level, and almost "magical," even (transporters, anyone?), but I think shows like the Star Trek franchise certainly led people to consider the possibility of pursuing a career in a scientific field. (On another note: the "science of Star Trek" book(s) out there...worth reading, yes/no?)

So, in light of waxing nostalgic about TV days of yore, I thought I'd try to compile a list of...

Shows currently on the air (or clinging onto dear sweet life) with scientists (and OMG engineers!) in a work-like setting

- Defying Gravity (mystery/drama about astronauts...there are a few aerospace engineers on the show...is this *really* the only current show that has "engineer-as-an official-job-title" in it?****)
- Better Off Ted (sitcom about life in corporate R&D)
- The Big Bang Theory (I am *way* behind on this show...sitcom about physics grad students, yes?)
- The IT Crowd (I believe this is a sitcom about an IT department...haven't seen this yet)
- Sanctuary (a lot of this show is filmed w/ green screen, which is interesting...gives a film noir/graphic novel feel at times)
- Warehouse 13 (not so much "scientists at work," but "magical steampunk and cops, with some science on the side"...not a bad show)
- Stargate Universe (haven't watched this yet...*any* "sciency" stuff on the show?)
- Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sarah Jane Adventures (I'm gonna assume y'all are familiar with the Doctor Who-related shows and leave it at that...I am burned out on giving descriptions)
- Battlestar Galactica (ended recently, but they had cylons, amongst other cool things, so I have to include it)
- Virtuality (I believe this one is DOA in regards to continuing as a show...I could be wrong)

- The Venture Bros. (I *almost* forgot this one...this is a pretty awesome cartoon about SUPER SCIENCE...you should watch it! New season starts this month)
- Dollhouse (whoops, almost forgot this one, too)
- Caprica (dang it, another show I forgot...this is a BSG-prequel)
- The Guild (eh, I'll throw this in, although it doesn't really touch on work situations, per se)
- Mythbusters (new episodes of this are still coming out, yes?)

- CSI and clones (not gonna say much about these, except, yes, all labs have DRAMATIC LIGHTING *snort*)
- Bones (a *bit* more true-to-life, work-wise)
- NCIS (ditto to Bones...most of the characters have defined roles *and stick to them*, which is (GASP) like *an actual job*...although Abby *should* get an opportunity to wrestle suspects down to the ground every once and a while)
- Spooks/MI-5...Malcolm spends 90% of his on-screen time @ a desk...this may be the most accurate tech job TV depiction of all time. ;-D
- Dexter (alright, I am just throwing this one in, since he *does* have a scientific-based job...still?)
- Fringe (wow, I'm forgetting a lot of shows, aren't I?)
- Numb3rs (ok, I *can't* believe I just now remembered this one...about MATHEMATICIANS...AT WORK...TALKING ABOUT MATH, SUPER HARDCORE...I give up!)

Any other "engineers/scientists at work" shows out there? (I haven't watched Eureka in forever and a day, maybe I should add it to the above list, y/n? Primeval? I haven't really watched much of Heroes or Lost, either, so I don't know how much "work" stuff they get into....) And, if anyone has any non-English language suggestions to add to the list (currently or formerly on the air, even), speak up! I have *no* problem watching stuff with subtitles.

****ETA: Wait, I forgot about Medium...Joe is an engineer, isn't he? And Grant on Mythbusters certainly counts as well (I think he has a degree in EE?). Ok, people, point out the female engineers I may be missing on TV!!!!! I am drawing a blank, but am not overly surprised I am drawing said blank, since I don't think there are any out there on TV at the moment, if ever???? :-( :-( D-: (And as far as currently depicting diversity in a scientific work setting goes...Defying Gravity pretty much wins on this count, IMO. Stargate Universe *may* rival it, but as I haven't seen it yet, can't say too much about it at the moment. I am blanking out on Virtuality's cast/character set-ups...I've only caught part of the show's pilot episode...they may be in the running, too, although it may be a moot point now.)

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Oct. 9th, 2009 01:51 pm (UTC)
It got canceled, so it's not quite what you want, but you still might want to check out Prototype This!. Especially since, with only 10 episodes having aired, you can get through it quickly.

I knew about it because I know one of its four inventor stars (Zoz). The production of the show wasn't especially good, but the engineering was cool.
Oct. 9th, 2009 02:35 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I have never heard of this show before (I haven't had cable in a while), so thanks for the rec.
Dec. 11th, 2009 06:06 am (UTC)
Rough Science.
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