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learning troubles...

I'm having some problems with my brain:  It won't learn! 

Perhaps this is because it is almost summer and I am just getting burnt out, but i'm having problems understanding my materials.  I'm an Electrical Engineering major, and I want to work with renewable/alternative energy.  The classes i seem to be having problems with are Calc II and Univ. Physics 1,  I do well enough in the labs, but in class i am falling behind...

I don't understand this because I've never had problems understanding anything before, and now i look at a problem and I just can't for the life of me figure out how to solve it.  Its really scaring me b/c i know that I want to be an engineer more than anything else. my freshman year i kind of fluxuated between psych, journalism, pre-med, and a variety of other career paths, but when i learned a little more about engineering it just clicked that it was what i wanted to do.  I have tried tutoring, i have tried flashcards, i have tried studying until my brain hurts, but i can't manage to make higher than a C in either class...

I guess i'm just looking for support, and for examples of people who had similar problems getting their degree and still managed to do it and love their jobs now..

I just wanted to find something that was a challenge, but now i almost hate it... (at least i hate the feeling of panic that it is causing.. )

i'm the first one in my family to ever go to college, i've always been told that i'm sooo smart, but i'm beginning to think that i'm under average...

Pleeeeeeaaaasssse tell me that i'm not alone here!


I'm a sophomore at Letourneau University (for those who are unfamiliar, it is primarily engineering and flight degrees)....

I am looking for any firms that take summer co-ops or interns for jobs that specialize in alternative energy. 

I'm an Electrical Engineering major and I'm thinking about a physics minor.  I really really would love to design combination solar, kinetic energy, and air-pressure / wind energy in their designs....

One of the designs that I particularly love is this: 


its called an airpod, and it runs only on air pressure from its 40 something gallon tank...

I would love to be able to combine types of renewable energy to make vehicles like this! 

I also want to find contacts who are currently in this field or want to be so that if i need help in the future or want to ask questions i can try some of you as consults. lol

I really want to be able to know enough about alternative energy by the time my senior year hits to make a senior design project (the equal of a thesis paper in project form)  out of it.... perhaps not a full car, but maybe a rc car or something! lol

I also wouldn't mind learning about fuel-cells and such, so if anyone knows of any materials where i can engorge my brain with anything pertaining to renewable energy please pass it on! 

Thermal Engineering positions?

I know this is a longshot, and pretty shameless, but here goes:

I'm currently looking for a full-time position as a thermal engineer.

I just graduated in December with a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering. I was interning with Flomerics (now Mentor Graphics) for almost a year and was going to work with them full time but now they're on a hiring freeze, and what with Flomerics just recently getting bought over, my manager found it difficult to convince the higher-ups to give me an offer.

I am experienced in thermal and CFD design, analysis, electronics cooling, HVAC design, and solar thermal processes. I would ideally like a position in CFD or electronics cooling.

If anyone knows of any company needing an entry-level thermal engineer, do let me know!

The tricky thing is that I only have until mid-May to obtain an offer due to visa issues. If I don't get an offer by then, I'll basically be deported back to my country of origin (which isn't really the best place to survive as a female engineer). I worked very hard to get to where I am right now and know I can offer a lot as an engineer. I probably won't remain an engineer if I return to my country, and that breaks my heart.

That's about it.... Mods: Let me know if I'm out of line and I'll delete my post.

Thanks, and keep the love of engineering alive!
someone in engineers used the word "feminist" in a sentence, and I had thoughts but figured I'd take them over here. Then I noticed that this community hasn't been posted to in a while! I hope it's not dying out... I guess this'll be a test? I'll probably x-post this to my website anyway.

Anyway the gist of the comment was that not all feminists are big "women in engineering" supporters.

I've seen it... and noticed that the relationship between feminism and women engineers is a complicated one. You'd think it'd be great. We women engineers are breaking into a man's world, which is a very feminist thing. We're well-paid, independent, and educated... all feminist ideals. So where's the rub? Here are my observations:

1) Feminism, as a movement, is made up of a lot of lawyers, sociologists, psychologists, political science majors and other humanities-related studies. I'm studying the way protons travel on wire which has absolutely nothing to do with gender, so I have to go outside my area of study to look at feminist theory, it makes sense that this would create a divide.

2) The feminist movement has a responsibility to ask why traditional women's jobs are undervalued. Why should a teacher with a four-year degree make so much less than a mechanical engineer with a four-year degree? On the two-year front, why does an electrician make more than a licensed practical nurse? Is our society missing opportunities to improve some very important fields, because we have gender role issues? And if we encourage women to gain economic power by just taking on more traditional male roles, are we going to miss out even more? These questions can conflict with the need to push women towards the sciences.

3) Women engineers often feel like life will be easier if we're "one of the guys"... don't wear skirts, don't wear pink, don't cry, don't talk about shoe shopping. Reminding the men we work with that we're female could get uncomfortable. Telling them that we're feminist would be 100 times as uncomfortable. We gain from pushing feminism aside.

4) Engineers sometimes like to believe that we have a special genetic makeup. We can drop the "why don't women go into science?" question if we just throw up our hands and say, "Their brains aren't genetically made for it." It's cop-out reasoning, because obviously none of us have studied a women in a bubble uninfluenced from society to see if she also avoids science, and the statement gives us an excuse to stop questioning, that's why people do it every few years. But it happens all the time, and it even comes from women engineers who feel like they're the "exception" to their gender, and they don't have to support the idea of women in engineering because the average woman "just can't cut it like I can".

So there's the divide... but I wish it wasn't so much there. I think feminists need engineers, and engineers need feminists, and we need lots and lots of people who take on both labels at the same time. In fact, I think the divide is a big reason why there aren't more women in engineering... feminists in the 70s changed business schools and the legal profession and now those industries are a lot more balanced on the gender front. We're still batting 10% or so.

I'm a proud feminist. If it hadn't been for feminism, I wouldn't be where I am today, I know that. I also know that the word "feminist" gets a lot of unfair flack... even among women, I talk to a lot of people who get their impressions of what a feminist is from anti-feminists, who tell us that feminists are selfish man-haters (they tend to throw in "hairy legged" or "lesbian" in there too, so we remember we can be judgmental about grooming and sexuality, thanks). If you talk to a real feminist, you learn that it's not about taking away from men... feminism is about asking important questions and calling out bullshit where you see it. Believing that "feminism" is bad just divides women even further and keep us from helping each other be the people we want to be... and worse, it keeps the feminist community from relating well to engineers. It's time to stop asking who alienated who first, and be sisters.
Hi everyone,

I really hope this is not an inappropriate place for this. Do any of you want a job doing front-end development in the San Francisco Bay Area (Redwood City)? Or maybe you have friends who are looking for a job? To be totally straightforward, I work for a search firm and I'm having trouble finding people who want to develop web applications. So I hate to resort to sending out messages to people I don't know, but it really might be a good opportunity for some of you. Someone with experience working at a web company and a technical degree from a decent school would be best (LAMP or demonstrated knowledge of AJAX, Javascript preferred). Let me know, email would be best (profrink12@yahoo.com).

Really sorry if this is just a bothersome message to you all. My company does pay a referral bonus though, of at least $500 if you put us in contact with someone who gets placed in the position. I'm not trying to mess with anyone; just trying to help somebody who is looking for a new job. I would never spam messages to people; I hope that's not how this is interpreted.

- Brian

For those of you with different interests, we're always working with several clients so I may be able to help you out.

How to get a part-time engineering job?

I'll be graduating with my BS in electrical engineering this December and am starting to worry about finding a job. My personal circumstances have changed since I began college, and now I need to find a part-time (24-32 hrs/week) rather than a full-time engineering job.

I am concerned that this will make me a difficult sell to employers.

A little about me: I'm female, I've had two summer internships with Intel, I have good grades, etc. :) I'm interested in power, renewable energy, and energy efficiency and would prefer a job in those areas, but I would consider others. I don't think I can be too picky in this economy. But schedule is most important.

So how do I approach finding a PT engineering job? Should I tell companies upfront that's what I'm looking for? Put it in my resume objective statement? Or should I sell them on me as a candidate and then negotiate that? What if a company offers to fly me out for an interview? I would feel compelled to tell them beforehand that I don't want a FT job, but what do you think?

Also, what companies are more favorable toward this kind of schedule? I'd appreciate any advice you all can give. :)

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Interesting Article:

Bionic Eye

I thought you guys would be interested. Someone posted this link on Myspace.

Dress For Success

Where are your favorite places to shop for work appropriate clothes? What are your favorite pieces (pics if you've got 'em!)?

My office is "business casual" (as, I suspect, as most everyone's these days) so I like to aim for looking put together without looking too formal since they guys I work with interpret business casual to mean "jeans and a casual button down" or "kakhis and a dress shirt" if they are looking to impress.

My hands down favorite store is Ann Taylor.

This is a pretty typical outfit for me.Collapse )