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engineer_chicks's Journal

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Networking and support for female engineers
Welcome! This community's goal is to support and promote women in science/engineering/technical fields.

Topics for discussion may include (but are not limited to):
Professional Development
Career Planning
Community Outreach
Workplace Culture

Anyone who feels that they have something to contribute (male or female) is welcome to join in. Harassment and spam will not be tolerated. Members who wish to post topics they feel are sensitive are advised to friends-lock the entries.

Scientists of all levels are welcome to contribute and pose topics for discussion--those considering the fields, studying them, working in them, or retired from them.

This group is NOT a place to get answers to your homework/test questions.

Please tag your entries when you post them. A list of the community tags can be found on the left hand side of the community page. While posting an entry, lj will auto complete any tags that are currently in use. If you would like to use a tag that we don't currently have, let one of us know and we will add it.

Mod Bios
binaryprecision is an electrical engineer with a BS ECE from Baylor University. She designs enterprise storage enclosures for a living and is moving towards being a systems engineer. She is an active member of the Southwest Texas section of the Society of Women Engineers.

mrs_dragon is a mechanical engineer with a BS from the University of California - Davis and a MS in Product Development Engineering from the University of Southern California. She moved to Huntsville, AL in 2007 to begin work developing products as part of a consulting company with clients ranging from military contractors to individual entrepreneurs to large companies.

Please contact us at engineeringchicks AT gmail DOT com with your questions, suggestions, and concerns.

New Member Intro Survey!
Please make a post after joining to introduce yourself to the group!
Degrees Obtained:
Favorite class/subject/engineering interest:
Employment status:
Short-term and/or long-term education/professional goals:
What would you like to get out of joining this community?
You can also add a picture of yourself behind an lj-cut, if you like!

Below are some links for professional organizations promoting engineering/science/technology fields. Click on the organization's icon to access their webpage. Please contact the moderators if you would like to see organizations added to this list.